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GI Bill and VocRehab Educational Funding

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  • GI Bill and VocRehab Educational Funding

    The Brewing and Distilling Center's (and its precursor at South College) Professional Brewing/Distilling Technology (PBDT) certificate program is authorized by the VA for GI Bill/Post 911 Educational benefits as well as VA Vocational Rehabilitation. Extended through 2021 because of COVID, the On-Ground/Online Live Streaming (Hybrid PBDT) is also available to military veterans. We have an impressive job placement record and provide outstanding training for anyone interested in entry-level positions as well as helping folks start up their own brewery or distilling business. Call us at 865-622-7511; email Doc White (BDC President) at: or register: Brewing & Distilling Center | Beer Brewing School – Professional Beer Brewing Certificate – Distilling School | Brewing & Distilling Center ( Cheers!

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    My name is Thomas Holliday, as a former student of BDC I can highly recommend their program. As Doc White stated the program supports Veterans in many ways. I was able to utilize VocRehab to assist in my financial means for the course. Along the way of obtaining the authorization from VocRehab, Doc White and Rick Cox, Owner/Operator of Next Level Brewery helped me with my process of gaining the authorization. All the instructors and people associated with BDC want to see all students succeed. Everyone there has been great and very helpful. I encourage any veteran interested in this program to speak with Doc White about veterans assistance programs. It has sure helped me and I am very pleased with my results. Good Luck and I hope this helps those vets out there who are interested! Cheers and good luck!


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      My name is Will Amaya and I am a recent graduate of the Fall 2020 BDC class. A Veteran myself also, I was able to use my Post 911 GI Bill benefits. After my discussion with Doc White, I submitted my request with the VA. Within weeks I received my approval and turned in my paper work to the BDC and was authorized for use of full benefits. Since I reside out of state I took advantage of the Hybrid course that worked great for my schedule. I can say from my experience with the course that you will gain a great amount of knowledge from the instructors that are very hands on and helpful. If any Vets that never taken advantage of their benefits and want to grow in their career, the BDC is for you.


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        Josh Maes and veteran who used the Post 911 GI Bill benefits to attend the BDC. Doc White was awesome in getting all my benefits lined up and ready to start class. I attended the BDC in person in the Fall of 2020 and have had a whirlwind in the Brewing Industry. I started at the BDC with absolutely no experience or knowledge in the Brewing Industry. They teach you everything you need to know to not only get started, but to thrive in the industry.

        Beginning in Week 2, I was offered and began to work a part-time job working at a local brewery. Approximately midway through the course I was offered a part-time position as an Assistant Brewer. Upon graduation, I received two (2) offers for full-time positions as an Assistant Brewer.

        Thank you Doc and the wonderful staff at the BDC for teaching me and allowing me to be a part of the Brewing Community. The knowledge gained at the BDC has put me well above my peers in knowledge and taught me to think outside the box. The teachers are top notch and I couldn't have asked for a better experience!


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          My name is Nathan Woods. I reccently went through the BDC to further my education and to submerse myself into more beer culture. I have been homebrewing for almost 10 years ad I have been profeesionally brewing for 6. I worked at Asheville Brewing Company in Asheville, NC and then moved to Chattanooga, TN to start Naked River Brewing Company. I am the operating Head Brewer. I decided to learn as much as I could about my profession and wanted to take it to the next level. Being a military veteran made it super easy to use the GI BIll and get started with the BDC.

          Due to Covid-19 I was enrolled as a satellite student. I was able to attend or review online courses about brewing. This course also included a hands on portion which was a great way to bring the online students in for some in person training and brewing. I loved being able to take classes online and still feel like I was part of the in person class. I really enjoyed my time in Knoxville being able to meet and talk to other brewers and like minds.

          Even as a professional brewer I still feel like I was able to take away a ton of experience and information. Doc has really done a fantastic job with this program. If you are a veteran and looking for a new carreer or just looking to get into the brewing industry this is an amazing program!