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East Coast Brewery Internships for 5 different NC breweries

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  • East Coast Brewery Internships for 5 different NC breweries

    Many Faces Initiative Brewery Internship

    Thank you for your interest in the Many Faces Initiative Brewery Internship Program. The Many Faces Initiative was founded with the purpose of fostering diversity and inclusivity within the craft brewing industry. In 2020, the Many Faces Initiative raised funds for the North Carolina Brewers Guild’s Diversity Scholarship Program through Town Brewing Co.’s release of Many Faces West Coast IPA. In 2021, the Many Faces Initiative will continue its mission by launching a paid ten-week brewery internship program designed to provide mentorship and offer an immersive training experience to people of color interested in pursuing careers within the craft brewing industry. This year, four breweries and one cidery located across North Carolina will host interns. Interns at each brewery will rotate through different areas of operations at their host brewery (brewing, sales, marketing, and taproom and event management). All interns will also work on a capstone project for a deeper dive into a craft beer topic of their choosing during the internship and will benefit from networking events and a guest speaker series.

    Brewery Internship Guidelines and Requirements
    1. Candidates must be 21 years of age or older to apply.
    2. The summer internship runs from May 24th, 2021 to July 30th, 2021.
    3. Interns will be full-time employees of the host brewery for the duration of the internship.
    4. This is a paid internship. Interns will be compensated at a rate of $15/hr.
    5. The Many Faces Initiative Brewery Internship is designed to be an immersive experience exposing interns to all areas of brewery operations (production, sales, marketing, taproom, events).
    6. The Many Faces Initiative, and all participating breweries, are committed to providing a safe work environment for interns, and following local, state, and federal guidelines surrounding COVID-19. There will be a mix of in-person and virtual events throughout the internship, including guest speakers and networking events, and all precautions will be taken to ensure the health and safety of interns.
    7. All interns will be required to complete a Capstone Project on a craft brewing topic of their choosing (pending topic approval from host brewery and the Many Faces Committee). The Capstone Project will be presented at the end of the Many Faces Initiative Brewery Internship.

    Many Faces Initiative - Brewery Internship Application
    Summer 2021

    Name: ____________________________________ Date of Birth: _________

    Address: __________________________________________________

    Home Phone: ____________________ Mobile Phone: ____________________

    Email Address: ______________________________

    I am applying for the Many Faces Initiative Brewery Internship at (check one):

    Town Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC): ____ (email application to
    Wise Man Brewing (Winston Salem, NC): ____ (email application to
    Bond Brothers Beer Company (Cary, NC): ____ (email application to
    Good Road Ciderworks (Charlotte, NC): ____ (email application to
    Archetype Brewing (Asheville, NC): ____ (email application to

    The Many Faces Initiative Brewery Internship is a full-time program. Do you have full-time availability? What days and hours are you available to work during the week?

    Monday: _________________________________
    Tuesday: _________________________________
    Wednesday: _______________________________
    Thursday: ________________________________
    Friday: __________________________________
    Saturday: ________________________________
    Sunday: _________________________________

    Are you legally eligible to work in the United States? ________________________

    The health and safety of our interns is our top priority. Interns must be willing to follow all COVID-19 guidelines in place at their host brewery. We will have a mix of virtual and in-person events over the course of the internship. Distancing and mask wearing will be observed at all in-person events. If you have any COVID-19 related concerns about the internship, please feel free to email

    The deadline to submit your application is April 8th, 2021.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________

    Why are you interested in applying for the Many Faces Initiative Brewery Internship Program?

    Is there a particular area within craft brewery operations (brewing, packaging, quality control, sales, marketing, taproom management, events) that interests you the most?

    Have you ever worked in the craft brewing industry in any capacity? If so, describe the role(s) and responsibilities.

    How did you first become interested in craft beer? Was there a particular brewery, beer, or event that left a strong impression on you early in your craft beer journey?

    In what ways do you feel that increased racial diversity, inclusivity, and equity can benefit the craft beer industry as a whole?




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