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DIY Fix - eroding concrete

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  • DIY Fix - eroding concrete

    So we built a new place three years ago. We could have coated the entire floor with some sort of treatment, but we chose to let chemical spills, hot water, and beer run their course and reasses. After all that time, there are two areas, roughly 5 feet wide and a foot across, where the acids and beer (due to their oxidizing powers) have eroded the bicarb of the concrete and the larger stones of the slab are beginning to show through. I have read previous threads regarding U-Crete, Sikafloor PurCem 22N, versaflex, Stonehard, J17 from Dayton Chemicals, VFIroduct number 1007.

    so my scenario is two part

    1) should I "trowel on" some mud to fill in the large gaps/pits that now exist "in between the stones". And if so quickcrete?

    2) then wait a few days and apply one of the aforementioned chemicals....

    chip in if you wanna. Either way I will repost what I decided upon and keep updating it as need be!