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  • brewery floors

    I'm in the process of getting my building set up for equipment and we are looking for an epoxy or paint to put on the floor over concrete. Does anyone have a brand name of something that can be used?

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    There's lots of posts on floors if you search.
    I am going with quarry tile sloped at 1/4" to the foot, as we are about to start construction. Other sources recommended by one of the big equipment manufacturers:

    Topical floor coating, textured or non-textured
    1 Steelcote Square
    St. Louis, MO 63103
    Telephone #: (314) 771-8053
    Toll Free #: (800) 737-0282

    · gripoxy
    Quick setting, non-skid floor surface (glass reinforced with aluminum oxide)
    Carboline Company
    350 Hanley Industrial Court
    St. Louis MO 63144
    Telephone #: (314) 644-1000

    · industrial epoxy
    High performance floor finish, TPM #115 tapping
    General Polymers
    145 Caldwell Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45216
    Telephone #: (513) 761-0011
    Toll Free #: (800) 543-7694

    · 6 inch quarry tile
    Sanitary, decorative floor and wall surface
    Available at local floor tile suppliers

    · kefa paint
    Floor finish for high traffic areas, developed by COORS
    Beverage Consult International
    Finn Knudson
    4602 Plettner Lane; Suite 2E
    Evergreen, CO 80439
    Telephone #: (303) 674-2251
    Seth Gross
    Head Burger Flipper & Beer Tester
    Bull City Burger and Brewery
    Durham, NC 27701


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      Thanks. Im sure I missed them but I didn't see actual brand names that have worked for people in other posts. I have seen industrial epoxy and other paints out there, I just wanted to make sure they have worked for others in the past.
      thanks again