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Sanitary Draft Fittings

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  • Sanitary Draft Fittings

    Hey all,

    The pub I work at is outfitted with 11 taps pouring off of 10bbl serving tanks via a pretty cool switchboard-eqsue manifold for ease of use when changing beers. I've spent a fair amount of time lately troubleshooting some quality problems we've had with draft beer. The system includes a handful of stainless quick-disconnects that have a few spots whose cleanliness I don't 100% trust, and I've come to believe they're letting air into the system to boot. In thinking of changing them out and doing some other redesigning, I sort of keep defaulting to the old shut-off valves, even though I know that in most other brewery applications, such ball valves would usually be considered non-sanitary for product. Why they're so ubiquitous in draft systems despite this is at least a little confounding, and although I'm not really sure I'm going to find a way around them, I'm wondering if there are other, more textbook-cleanable, compact fittings for draft systems out there - like mini butterfly valves or something like that. Anyone have or seen anything?