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Just foam when dispensing from kegs

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  • Just foam when dispensing from kegs

    I have problem with foaming of the beer. Beer is of average carbonation and when pouring it from bottle, there are no problems / strange things. But if I pour it from draft machine (beer is cold) it is producing almost just foam, so it is not usable for commercial usage (private users can wait for foam to settle).

    I suspect that high percentage of cara malts is the cause for it. The malt bill contains 10% Cara Pils and 10% Cara 50 EBC and 10% Munich and the rest is base malt.

    What are your experiences? Am I looking at the right direction?

    Looking forward to your answers,

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    You are barking up the wrong tree here. While your recipe is pretty high in cara malts, that would not cause a difference in foaming from bottle to keg. You need to learn draught systems.

    Information that one would need to diagnose this problem:
    Cooler/beer temperature
    Type of system-Long Draw or Direct Draw
    Type of gas you are using for dispense-100% CO2, or a blend. If a blend, what is the blend.
    Volumes of CO2 in beer-if you dont know this, get the tools and figure it out. Buy a zahm if you have the money, otherwise get a taprite.
    Length of lines and ID of lines connecting keg to faucet for direct draw. if long draw, length and diameter of choker line.
    Pressure of gas applied to keg for dispense.
    Height from middle of keg to faucet, not as huge if its under 4 feet, but it makes a big difference if its going from a basement to the first floor.

    I reccomend reading the draught quality manual, and then learning everything you can about balancing draught systems. Be careful, there is a ton of bad info out there, so when you run into questions, ask about them here.

    If you can give answers to all the questions above, I will be able to tell you what is wrong and what to do to fix it.


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      I am using Lindr 70/K ( Line from machine to key is 1 meter long. Keg is KeyKeg (, so the dispensing gas is air from dispensing machine compressor, but that does not matter as beer is in a bag. Keg is on a floor, machine is on a table.

      Amount of CO2 in the beer is 5 g/l.

      I have no problems with other beers on the same setup. And others have same problems with my problematic beer on their dispensing machines.