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    Hi All,

    Newbie to the group. I'm in the process of designing a long draw (20ft) run with 13 ft elevation increase form center keg to spiget. I have not ordered any line etc yet but have the tower (8 tap) and Line chiller (perlick 4404). Up to this point I have been searching the web and reading best practices, design principles (pressures, gas mixes, gas laws, pressure temp tables etc.) and have a pretty good feel for the basics. Other than the components I know I'll be serv ing ale's and lagers at 36 deg. F. No ciders or specialty stuff as it does not move that fast. Same goes for porters / stouts.
    Basically what I'm looking for is some input on the considerations when calculating total resistance, desired PSI at the tap, using straight CO2 vs beer gas blend, etc.
    I appreciate the help and guidance.

    Venangop General Store

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    Use beer pumps. It'll save you a lot of headache and you won't need a pump for line cleaning.

    Search around here some more--I think there's even a thread with the same title.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.


    • mark123
      mark123 commented
      Editing a comment
      Timm - I think I found the thread. In it you state you use FloJet model H5610000 for any length over 10 ft. In a subsequent response on that same thread you stated

      "or a system like yours, with different length lines, beer pumps are an excellent solution, and will allow you to run 3 kegs off each regulator--my rather arbitrary limit for kegs/reg. The beer pumps maintain a constant output of 25 psi, making balancing your lines a breeze."

      OK so here is my question. If I understand and did the proper research.

      Looking at the H56 model data sheet operating graph for beer inlet pressure of 10 PSI AND pump operating pressure of 20 PSI (Air or Co2). At 1GPM dispense the curve shows about 25psi at outlet of pump for beer line.

      If Im correct I can use this for my resistance design from pump outlet to tap head and build necessary trunkline.

      Hopefully makes sense, am I on track here? Appreciate your feedback

      Mark Olenick
      Venango General Storeo
      Venango PA

      PS - Here was the thread I found

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    Thanks Timm - I was looking at that as well, actually be a bit cheaper than using gas blender.. I'll look for beer pump thread


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      Yes. I use the 25 psi figure to balance my lines. The Draught Beer Quality Manual will give you the formulas to figure your line sizes for your lengths and elevations.

      Don't forget to order reversing valves for every other pump. If you have an even number of lines, this will make cleaning the lines very easy and no need to buy a dedicated line cleaning pump.
      Timm Turrentine

      Terminal Gravity Brewing,
      Enterprise. Oregon.