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  • Secondary regulator recommendations

    I'm looking for some secondary regulator recommendations. I was using a basic Taprite manifold that sufficed for our 10 bbl brewery, except, one by one, all the adjusting screws have worn out. So I'd like something with similar functionality, but with a little more durability. Something like this, but with a better flow rate.


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    Why do you need a higher flow rate? We use similar secondaries to push four kegs from each one and never have a problem. We do use beer pumps to move the product, but previous to going to the pumps we pushed four kegs/reg just fine.
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      I don't necessarily need a higher flow rate than what the Taprite does, but it would be nice if I can get it in the approximate price range I'm looking at. It would be nice to shave some time off keg cleaning cycles, tanks purges, etc.

      I've been looking at Micromatic, which charges $250 for a 4 pressure rig a with 3.5 max scfm capacity, and UltraFlow, which charges $165 for 4 pressure rig with a 9 max scfm capacity, so there's certainly plenty of variance within the >$300 price range.

      The Kegco ones I linked to, however, were absolutely too low flow to perform brewery tasks. It'd be great if more vendors listed the flow capacity up front, but alas.