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Dispensing with Nitrogen

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  • Dispensing with Nitrogen

    Dispensing with Nitrogen
    Can I use 100% nitrogen to serve my nitro draft beer.
    Most systems use either a blend of co2 and Nitrogen or beer gas. What pressure would I have to use? TIA

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    You could do that, but, the CO2 from the beer could escape into the headspace as you empty the keg. The trick is to control the partial pressure of CO2. By that, you have to pick the right total pressure to push the beer out of the keg, but not have too much CO2 partial pressure (=CO2% in gas * total push pressure). It can be quite a frustrating experience that you can finally arrive at by a trial and error (because the effect won't be immediately apparent because CO2 will get into the beer slowly as you continue tapping it).
    Since you are ready to use 100% N2 and you may have CO2 on hand, why not try the NitroBrew Infusion Module? Just fill a keg after fermentation (no need to even force carbonate), hook it up to NitroBrew and dispense. A light CO2 pressure can be maintained on the keg to prevent air pick up and oxidation while maintaining the proper amount of carbonation needed for the nitro style in the glass.e.g., check out:

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