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Draft Line Design with 2 tap locations

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  • Draft Line Design with 2 tap locations

    I am working on the draft system layout for our new brewery opening in August. We will have taps located through the cooler walls (4.5ft vertical) and a second remote location on the rooftop (1 story / 16ft vertical) patio.

    Current thought is the lines through the walk-in cooler would be
    38*, 12 PSI, 9ft 3/16in tubing

    Lines going to the rooftop patio (linear length 16-25ft) would be
    38*, 12 PSI, 18ft 1/4in tubing

    First question is if it will be possible to serve the 2 locations using a Y in the beer line versus creating 2 separate draft setups?
    Second question is would beer pumps provide less problems, and can a pump supply the 2 very different lengths?

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    Big fan of beer pumps. You will need one for each length--cannot split between unequal resistance. You might be able to get away with your 9 foot run without a pump, but usual is only 6 feet with 3/16" tubing. Pumps give you an easy way to clean your beer lines. And they are infinitely adjustable to get perfect pour.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      If you altitude is closer to the sea than up on a mountain, using a 60/40 post-blend gas blender, set your dispense pressure to 20psi. 7.5ft of 3/16" at the main bar, and if you use 25ft of 1/4" barrier with a 16ft rise, 6" of 3/16" restriction will make both systems balanced and pour beautifully. You'll be over restricted by 2lbs and that'll be your temp buffer. Yes, Y's are fine. Avoid pumps, without a reverse flow valve you'll only ever be able to clean by moving solution one direction. Investing in a blender will pay off in the long run.