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  • Draft line glycol temp /

    I have approx. 7 ft. of barrier trunk out side of the cold room and < 3ft of choke lines, all bundled around glycol lines.

    I've been told I don't even need the glycol lines for that distance, but I presume that would mean tossing a pint every time the taps sit idle?
    I also presume that cycling 20F glycol from the chiller would be too cold for that short run and would alter the carb level?
    I really don't want to run another chiller just for the short draft lines, but what temp would you recommend?

    I'm thinking of using a glycol reservoir in the cold room for the draft lines. Thoughts?

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    I agree with you that even for that short of a run you definitely want to keep your lines cold.
    I would say since beer freezes somewhere around 28F (depending on alcohol content) you would never want to run 20F glycol through a trunk line.
    We used to run trunk line glycol at 33F, that way you don't even have to worry about freezing if someone is cleaning lines and leaves water in them.
    My guess would be that an "ambient" reservoir in the cold room would not be nearly as effective when constantly flowing compared to a dedicated chiller, but it wouldn't hurt to try it out!