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Micromatic and Brewer's Association disagree!

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  • Micromatic and Brewer's Association disagree!

    I'm currently designing a system for my brewery, but I'm having a couple setbacks:

    Micromatic recommends measuring from the bottom of the keg to the faucet for lift/drop. BA Draught Beer Quality Manual says to measure from the center of the keg. Now, I'm using serving tanks, so the lift/drop is about equal from the middle of the tank to the faucet, but I'd have to add pressure if going from the bottom of the tank.

    Also, I'm using beer pumps. Looking around the forum, many seem to assume the beer pump will push at 25psi automatically. Is that right?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    That "disagreement" is very minor. If you want to be "perfect" in your calculations, then you need to raise your pressure as your tank level falls. In practice, this is foolish. You use the calculations to get close and then season to taste and leave it there. And no, beer pumps do not push at 25psi automatically. You set the air regulator which drives the pump to the pressure that best fits the pour you want. Higher pressure to push up a few floors. Lower pressure for short draws. So, with that you don't even need your calculations.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      I would recommend setting serving vessel head pressure to equilibrium pressure for your tank temperature and desired co2 levels. If that isn't enough to deliver beer nicely to the pump then either your pump is too far from your tank, or the line has too much resistance. After the pump is, as gitchegumee said, a matter of adjusting gas pressure to the pump until you are happy with your pour.

      If you are still having problems, I for one am a huge advocate of flow control faucets. It might take a bit more training for the foh staff, but I feel they are well worth the extra cost and effort.