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Brewpub draft line tubing from tanks to pumps

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  • Brewpub draft line tubing from tanks to pumps

    so we've got serving tanks that feed into a big trunk line and out to our bars, pushed by flojets. trunk line is the bev seal ultra tubing, which is kind of a pain in the ass to handle/work with vs much more flexible braided vinyl. but it has oxygen barrier, which vinyl does not.

    i cant think of any other oxygen barrier tubing other than the bev seal ultra or maybe pex Al pex. any other good candidates for connecting the tanks to the pumps in the cooler?

    was planning on coming right off the tank bottom outlet --->tc to either mpt/beer thread to stainless ball valve to a barb for the hose and on over to the flojet.

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    No pipe threads!

    Suggest that you never use pipe threads in a beer or wort application. They can never be sanitized properly without major effort. Like disassembly, cleaning, steam and reassembly. For which they are not made. Suggest TC to a male beer nut. Elbow for this would be nice so it keeps the floor a bit less cluttered with hose at ankle height! I like the stiffness of the barrier hose and keeping the system with common hose/connections. Just have to plan smart to use long radii bends. Sometimes that works to your advantage. Good luck!
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      Technically beer nut has threads, which is what i was referring to, for the whole assembly. I wasn’t clear, but actually meant “either” male or female on threading, but now realize the beer thread valves are all f/m so moot point.

      More clearly- Tc x male beer nut- beer nut f/m shut off valve- barb (tailpiece)- to tubing.

      Good idea about the elbow. Was that referring to an elbow tailpiece or a tc elbow off the tank port? Or both?


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        To answer...

        Beer nut has NO internal threads as a rubber gasket seals the joint. The threads you see just hold the assembly together. There are no more threads on a beer nut in the wort/beer than the wing nut to tighten a triclamp has. Threads totally removed from the sanitary side with only a clean joint with rubber gasket. Pipe threads, on the other hand, are nasty. I can always tell who doesn't get it when I see teflon tape on a beer nut. Or a flare fitting. Or compression fitting... You get the point. Those threads do not seal.

        In order to keep the beer line's long radius bend from interfering in foot traffic inside a cold room, you can use a TC to male beer nut fitting commonly available, and add an elbow hose barb tailpiece to get your lines running with each other at a convenient height. Above the floor so that may be easily cleaned. I like to cable tie the beer lines to the outlet of subsequent tanks. Makes a neat, clean, and safe installation.
        Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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          We use and have for years been using the regular vinyl beer line--3/8" ID X 3/4" OD from our kegs to our beer pumps. Never been a problem and it's much more flexible and easier to keep neat.
          Timm Turrentine

          Terminal Gravity Brewing,
          Enterprise. Oregon.