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Cleaning Root Beer lines and beer lines together

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  • Cleaning Root Beer lines and beer lines together

    I'm creating a line cleaning procedure for a brewery that has 19 draught beer lines and 1 draught root beer line. I'm hoping we can clean the lines, including the root beer line, in groups of 4, but am concerned about the caustic passing through the (rinsed) root beer line and then circulated through beer lines, and having root beer flavor carry over into the beer lines.

    Obviously, pre-rinsing would be set up such that root beer itself goes straight to drain rather than going through a beer line.

    Paranoia or legitimate concern? Has anyone done this without tainting the beer lines with root beer flavor?

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    Risk reward

    Hey wool socks, I don't have a full proof answer for you. But while that may be possible to successfully clean them all, you do run the risk of that root beer flavor getting caught up in the washers, joints, connectors and barbs throughout the beer lines. I think the reward of convenience and time might not be worth the risk of getting that taste in the other lines. Probably safer to just spend an extra 10 or 20 minutes cleaning that line solo. Maybe just test clean the root beer line and a single light tasting beer a few times to see if the flavor does transfer. Get a few taste testers involved too. Hope that works out for you, I know how valuable that 20 extra minutes can be in this game.