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Overhead beer lines and fobbing

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    5psi is definitely too low. As someone mentioned the co2 is breaking out of solution and settling up to the high point. If you're getting foam at higher pressures then I see two problems from your pictures. One is you're choker is way too short. I didn't run the numbers but at least 3' would be needed. The other possibility is that your lines are not being chilled to the faucet. Are you using glycol or air to cool the lines. If it's glycol then you need to bring the recirculating glycol to the shanks to attain proper heat transfer. Good luck and if you need me to run those numbers let me know.
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      Overhead beer lines and fobbing

      I modified one of the six lines with a 3/16", 5' "choker". It pours better at 12 lbs AFTER the first pint or so is poured. I think that better insulation and connectivity with the glycol lines in the coffin box should make it better, but I need to convert the other 5 lines and haven't had time.


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        Yes BeerManWalking,

        The tempurature is your next hurdle. Good luck!
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