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setting up new draft lines

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  • setting up new draft lines

    We're changing the draft system in a new brewery that formally was a brewery. We have about 110' run from the cold storage room to the bar. The owners want to have two 10 faucet pass through towers at the bar. I'm wondering if I can run one trunk line to the bar and split off to the two towers (glycol lines and all) or if I need to have a seperate trunk line for each tower. I've been told that there can be pouring problems if you do that and I'm not sure how I could run the glycol lines like that either.


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    I have a 150 ft run with two 5 tap towers all running off one trunk. It works fine. Just make sure your towers are part of the glycol loop. I just split the beer lines from the trunk (5 to one tower, 5 to the other), insulated the heck out of the lines and ran my glycol up through one tower, over to the other and back again to the brewery.

    if that doesn't make sense send me an email, and I'll try to be more detailed.

    I would assume at this distance you're using beer pumps?
    Hutch Kugeman
    Head Brewer
    Brooklyn Brewery at the Culinary Institute of America
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      I've set up an 8 faucet x 3 floor dispense system and coupled the glycol loops together, no problems. Unfortunately the height difference means that I had to use 24 beer pumps and three trunk lines..... I would recommend contacting your dispense system supplier for help. Tom Geort (sp?) of Micromatic has put just about every kind of system together and is a wealth of information. Good luck!
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--