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Brew/beer worthy places in Toronto and Montreal

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  • Brew/beer worthy places in Toronto and Montreal


    just looking for advice: where can I drop by in Toronto and Montreal to taste great beer, to see interesting premises.
    We are on our vacation and I had no time to prepare myself to the trip.


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    My favorite place in Montreal...

    They have a very small brewpub with an amazing atmosphere and even better beers right in Montreal, and 45 minutes away is the production brewery with a pub in St.Jerome. Both are well worth a visit.

    Can't speak from personal experience, but some of these places look cool.

    Have a good trip
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      As described very much resembles my place in Haifa.

      Defenitely will visit.

      Thank you indeed.


      • #4 website and Find Craft Beer iPhone app.

        And not to displace any good personal recommendations/invites, but yawl are already familiar with, right? I did a quick search of ProBrewer complete as well as just the message boards and didn't see any references, so thought I'd throw a shout out here. Mashes up nicely in the "Find Craft Beer" iPhone app.

        Non-Disclaiming Disclaimer: I am not associated with either undertaking. Just a fanboy.


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          Toronto spots

          I have been gone from the city for about 2-years now, but I would recommend these places:

          Smokeless Joe's (great muscles and dishes to go along with imported Belgian's, local microbrews, etc. but really small and groovy)

          C'est What? (lots of Ontario micros on draught there and within walking distance of the CN Tower, central train station, Skydome (hate that they call it the Rogers Center now))

          Cafe Volo/ Bar Volo (great place for imports and microbrews as well)

          Steam Whistle Brewery (just across from the SKYDOME and usually open from 11AM-5PM for drop-in tours, plus you get a free beer before the tour, as well. Really cool brewery in an old historic train roundhouse. Must see)

          Mill Street Brewpub (built in the old Gooderham and Worts distillery building on the lower east end of Toronto. Great beers, their Tank House is king)

          I could go on and on, but those would be my main targets (which I will be checking out when I go back for a visit in June!) Other names that you could check out in the downtown area are: Amsterdam Brewery, Duggan's Brewpub, Great Lakes Brewery or Les3Brasseur.



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            I would also add (for Toronto) and The Granite' s 'Peculiar' and their dry-hopped Best Bitter are truly sublime examples of the craft.

            C'est What is one of my all time favorite bars for fresh local beer served well with great grub.


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              Brewtopia is a great beer bar near campus in Montreal

              Unibroue in Montreal gives a great tour and has some killer beers to sample. As someone else mentioned Dieu de Soliel is amazing.

              I haven't spent as much time in Toronto but there's one place that I think is called Der Stube in the business district. It's about as authentic a German/Viennese style restaurant and pub I've come across.
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                Many many thanks

                Thank you guys for your help.

                Looks a great to-do list.

                I'll try my best to see as much as possible.

                Once in Haifa feel free to drop by at Libira pub for a pint.


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                  Let me know when you're coming to Montreal and I'll take you to a couple of Brewpubs and Microbrew.

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