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A-BI Attack on Self-Distribution laws

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  • A-BI Attack on Self-Distribution laws

    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    Recently, I couldn't help but notice over the course of the past 6 months that states that allow micro's to self distribute A-BI has gone after every lesgistlation in an attempt to stymie such abilities for the craft brewer! Be-aware that if you are a producer in such state A-BI most likely has some anti-legistlation program working against you already or on it's way. Of course, at this moment that last comment is speculation. However, given tides of the time in favour of craft brewers sales, the stagnation of A-BI's sales and the recent defense in multiple states of craft breweries rights as a small business to gain market share, A-BI is clearly on the offensive to protect it's market share in anyway it can. Pay attention to your state legistlation and policy makers. Contact your Congressman/woman and help build your legal rights to produce beer, distribute, and protect your companys profits! Make no doubt you are part of a larger anti-competition war being waged against all craft brewers!

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    As a person in business, it's always important to know your representatives in /at various levels of government. Try to make them understand the nature of your business and your goals.

    Critical really. Maybe not now but trust me, it will come in handy some day.

    As for A-BI, they are using their resources to protect/grow their market share. Nothing has really changed there.

    Consciousness/awareness of their tactics by small(er) breweries, however, is growing. As are the stakes involved.

    Liam McKenna


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      As still somewhat of an outsider to the business, I see this as a big change in tactics. They realize the days of bland boring beers are starting to end and they're trying to destroy those that brought this change about. I agree we need to be very vigilant right now to avoid the big business from destroying the little man.


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        I am not sure that they want to destroy the little man per se, but make it extremely hard for him to have his route to market. But let's face it - for many craft brewers it's quite a task to get into the AB distribution system. For those brewers, there will always be the smaller distributor who plays the Jerry Maguire role.

        But I also do not think that it should come that far - in the states where self-distribution is allowed is where craft beer has truly flourished.