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  • 1/8 Barrel Sankeys

    In another quest for information on kegs I know that new Sankey kegs commonly come in regular 1/2 barrels, a short 1/4 barrel, a tall 1/4 barrel, and a tall 1/6 barrel. These are the four popular choices among American brewers. (I know some people use 1/3 barrels and crazy metric kegs but those don't count! haha) So when it came time to order Sankeys to replace the Hoff Stevens we also wanted to replace the 1/8 barrel Hoff Stevens we had. Although the 1/6 barrel held a similar amount of beer it wasn't short enough for refrigerators. Home trade is a very important part of our market. So Franke-BLEFA made us 1/8 barrels using the same diameter as a 1/6 barrel but 7" shorter... GENIUS! I was just wondering if anyone else has seen any other brewer with the 1/8 barrel Sankey. Also many people have replied to my classified saying they had never seen 1/8 barrel Hoff Stevens. This surprised me. I am inquiring into whether others have seen 1/8 barrels, H/S or sankey, or any other innovative keg sizes other than the ones listed above and the converted Cornelius keg. Those are the ones I am familiar with. Thank you.

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    Well, if a 7" shorter "pin" shows up in Nashville, at least I'll know who it belongs to. We sell a lot of the 1/6 bbl pins to people with home bars, and that's the first I've heard that they won't fit in most kegerators. I know that converted Corney kegs are too tall, but regular 1/6 bbl Sankeys seem to work for most people?
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      With a "low profile" tap, the converted corny kegs work fine.


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        Never Heard of the 1/8??

        I take it from the lack of responses to this thread that no one has heard of the 1/8 barrel Sankey or Hoff Stevens. We have been selling 1/8 barrel Hoff Stevens for 50+ years and now sell the 1/8 Sankey. Thanks.
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          Instead of 1000 words...

          Might we see a photo posted here of this strange sealacamp-like keg you're speaking of?



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            Pictures of Old H/S 1/8 Barrel...

            There are two pictures of the 1/8 barrel Hoff Stevens keg on the following website...


            Picture #6 is the 1/8 barrel by itself and picture #3 is the 1/8 barrel followed by the 1/4 and the 1/2. I will try and get some pictures for you of the new Sankey kegs in about a week.


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              New Kegs and Picture

              For anyone who wanted to see what the new 1/8 barrel Sankey looked like here is a picture. On the left is the new half barrel, then the slim quarter (same height as the half), and the 1/8 barrel in on the right.
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                Crazy metric kegs

                I know I can get 5L, 10L, and 20L sankeys through Schaefer Kegs. Think 1.25gal, 2.5gal, and 5gal. The 5 gallons are about the same size as a squat 1/6 bbl poly top. The rest of them are just cute. I have two 10L kegs here for myself, basically two cases of beer in a keg. I love them. Problem with them is the cost, $68 or so a pop plus freight. Great for personal use, though. And squat 1/6 bbl fit into just about any kegerator, be it commercial or hoem built.