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variable costs (ingredients, utilities, etc per barrel) for 20BBL brewery

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  • variable costs (ingredients, utilities, etc per barrel) for 20BBL brewery

    Hi Everyone!

    It's my first time posting here, and I've cross posted this from the Brewer's Association message board (hope that's ok). I've been a homebrewer for several years, and I'm working on revenue projections with the aim of getting financing for a brewery start-up. While the fixed costs (lease, brewhouse, tanks, etc) aren't too difficult to calculate, it's difficult to assess the variable costs (ingredients, energy, water) that go into each batch of beer made.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you would be willing to share info with me on how much you spend on ingredients, utilities, and other variable costs. I realize this will vary from one brewery to the next. At this point, we are looking at a 20BBL steam-powered system. We don't plan to do bottling at this point -- kegs only.

    If you don't want to post it publicly, feel free to email me at barleybranch (at) gmail (dot) com -- Thanks so much!


    Barleybranch Ales
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    There are various postings regarding this topic on this forum... For energy usage, JV Northwest has a great resource on their website. Energy rates can be found on your areas suppliers. Ingredient costs can be gathered from the malt supplier in which you plan to use. Hope this helps.


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      I accidentally misspelled my email address in the post above. it's barleybranch at -- edited to fix it. If you emailed, please send again to the new address.