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Anybody know what this heat exchanger is worth?

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  • Anybody know what this heat exchanger is worth?

    I found someone with a used Meuller AcuTherm/Model AT4S/S W heat exchanger with a 1/2hp Franklin Electric/Model 1111007405 pump. The exchanger was originally used for a BOP operation, and that's what I'd be using it for as well.

    He's asking me to make an offer, but I have NO idea how much it's worth. Does anybody know how much I should offer him? Shipping will be really expensive (he's in Oregon and I'm in Ohio). I've attached a pic below. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Click image for larger version

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    Neil Chabut
    Eudora Brewing Co.
    Brewery and BOP
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    Not sure what it's worth. Have you called WCR in Dayton? They manufacture new HX's at a very reasonable price. They can also refurbish a used one for you as well.
    Nate Cornett
    Yellow Springs Brewery
    Yellow Springs, OH


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      can't help you on the cost for the whole unit including the pump and filter housing. never priced one that way.

      if he's asking you to make an offer then throw him a low number. offer $500 or something and if he laughs at you then ask him to come back with a better number. If he does then you have just bookended the negotiation and you can work from there.

      In my experience "make me an offer" means one of 2 things...

      1. they have no idea what its worth and will take about anything for it.

      2. they know exactly what they want for it but are hoping you will throw them a number that is higher so they make a little extra money.

      make sure the pump motor isn't fried and the pump seal is good. you most likely will need a new seal, make sure replacement parts are easily available. if they aren't then the pump is trash in my opinion. make sure it has power requirements that fit what you have available. always count shipping into the cost. You may be able to source stuff locally with almost no shipping costs that will make it more attractive to go that way rather than spending a bunch of money to get something shipped from Oregon that may not work when it gets here.

      Scott LaFollette
      Fifty West Brewing Company
      Cincinnati, Ohio


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        I used a unit EXACTLY like that in my first brewing job! Ours was mounted on a cart. If the pump is in good condition, and I needed one, I'd probably venture to say it's worth about $1200...

        but only to someone who WANTS it. If I were a homebrewer or a nano brewer, I'd be tripping over myself to buy that, because I KNOW how good it is at running off 50 liter batches and keeping the bulk of the hops out of the beer and HX.

        Good Luck!