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    Job descriptions

    Thanks Warren, I guess I've been blessed that I've worked for some great operations (Including my current gig) where the brewhouse employees are respected, don't get me wrong it hasn't always been a cake walk! but when I see some of the job postings out there, it seriously makes me concerned.


    Originally posted by Starcat View Post
    I know a sage guy who says seriousness is a disease of the ego.
    Along this path, there is a need to regain our humanity which unfortunately often requires taking a stand, and a beating.

    Tariq ,McKenna....and others
    You guys are golden

    In sincerity
    Tariq Khan (Brewer/Distiller)

    Yaletown Brewing and Distilling Co.
    Vancouver, B.C.


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      Causative Factors

      Whats fueling all this unnecessary and nonsensical running around in circles and " Grossly " overstated Techno and Dollar Worship????

      Unbridled Egotism and Corporatism
      Failure to take responsibility for the totality of one's actions
      A refusal to face the unsustainability and True criminality of all thats going on at large in the modern world
      Turning a blind eye to the reality of the times we are living in
      Too much Testosterone
      Running on a totally outmoded and outdated mindset and paradigm
      A refusal to be genuinely good and loving towards your fellow humans
      The notion that increasing production at all costs is the answer
      Massive failure to have the guts to start doing things differently and recognizing the value of " People " not positions that can be re-filled.
      And more.........

      Warren Turner
      Industrial Engineering Technician
      HVACR-Electrical Systems Specialist
      Moab Brewery
      The Thought Police are Attempting to Suppress Free Speech and Sugar coat everything. This is both Cowardice and Treason given to their own kind.