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  • Your daily beer intake?

    I've never been a heavy drinker but ever since I opened up my brewery I realized how much beer I drink in a day, no an astronomical amount but just enough to say I clearly replace straight water for beer.

    Since a few months I've throttled down on beer drinking during the day cause it was making me very tired, alcohol actually makes me tired period.

    I've also came to realize how dangerous our production environment is and it needs my full attention.

    So how is your beer intake in a day as a brewmaster?

    My doctor asked me all the time but I'm never really honest about it

    Mario Bourgeois
    Casselman ON Canada

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    It's part of the job to sample. You don't have to swallow it.


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      on average, I consume less than 2 beers per day. most weeks, I consume less 10 beers total.

      For example, today, I will drink a couple samples this morning from fermentors at the brewery. (about 4oz total). Then I will likely have another few ounces at the tap house to just check and see how things taste. on days like this, I don't typically have a beer at home. If I am not sampling at the brewery for some reason, I will usually have a beer or two with dinner.
      Matthew Steinberg
      Exhibit 'A' Brewing Co.
      Framingham, MA USA

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        When I check my gravities and carbs in the morning I will sample every beer I'm checking - that's never more then 6 oz of beer I'm drinking though. After that I don't drink any beer until I'm done with the work day. At that point I have between 1 and 2 pints depending on how many samples I'm pulling from the taps. I don't sample every beer every day, but I make sure that I try all 12 taps at least once a week (again - that's only had after all the work in the brewery is done)

        Head Brewer
        Nexus Brewery


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          I probably average two pints of beer (imperial) per day at work, most of which is after work having a pint with the boys (currently no women in brewery - we are small with only three people + me in beer production/processing). Small amounts are sampled from all tanks every day and evaluated organoleptically as well as some basic analyses (gravity, pH, etc). Three or four times a week, I may have a beer in the evening or with dinner. Perhaps twice a month, I'll find myself at a party where I might have half a dozen beers. I do not drink wine or spirits at all. I used to as a younger man.

          I am always honest with physicians about my consumption habits for everything. Crazy to do otherwise IMHO.

          So far, no objections/judgements. Blood pressure and chemistry is always normal. My current doc, Steve, calls me the 'poster child' for normal when it comes to bloodwork.

          Given the physical nature of the work for many of us, small amounts of alcohol consumption while working are unlikely to display any negative consequences. There are of course, exceptions due to metabolic differences between and unique metabolic challenges faced by many individuals.

          Working in a brewery environment in even a mild state of inebriation is foolish. Always.


          Liam McKenna


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            Originally posted by triple View Post
            It's part of the job to sample. You don't have to swallow it.
            You must drink it to get the bitter aspect of the beer. We are not sampling wine. There is a difference between sampling and drinking. During work hours I will sample less then 12oz but after work I drink beer. There is a big difference between sampling and drinking.