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  • Addabrewpub???

    I followed the followed the URL on the ad for an SPI system and was shocked to see that what goes around comes around.

    I received a full dose of the sleazy, 'promise the world' days of the mid '80's when fly by night manufacturers offered extract systems with the notion that there is nothing difficult about making beer; just add water, a little yeast and presto...instant fortunes...and most of all, "no brewmaster required"!

    My belief that the industry has evolved away from snake oil salesman has been shot down by the fact that time erases old wounds and the unethical will attempt to fleece yet another group of suckers with way too much disposable income.

    All comments or horror stories welcome...I'm sure we could fill several books. (Check out the comment about winning awards!!!)

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    Did I read that correctly? Did it say servable beer in FOUR days?


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      The Southeast Regional Brewing Contest! Sounds like a homebrew contest to me. Also I couldn't find any of the establishments that were raving about the system on the internet or anywhere.