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Designing a start up brewery layout

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  • Designing a start up brewery layout

    Hello all! After an expensive unproductive zoning battle with our small town in upstate New York, we are in process of
    going around them entirely by applying for a NYS Farm Brewery license & taking advantage of our Agricultural District
    protections...we are starting to crop hops & barley but brewers seem to be in short supply...we were
    hoping to hire a consultant “potential brewer” to help design our start up 3.5 to 5 bbl brewery but have been unsuccessful in
    finding anyone to order to complete the application, the basic placement of the tanks, glycol chiller, lines, etc etc
    is necessary....any suggestions? Thanks! Cynthia

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    Please post a complete (floor sq/footage, ceiling height} diagram of the building plus utilities, and I am sure the ProBrewer community will offer all the advice you need.

    Good luck



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      Hi Cynthia,

      As part of our service we can do a layout drawing at no cost if you would like us to do it. If interested email me the .dwg file or .pdf file sketch layout and we will do a formal drawing.

      We have people on staff that have been in the industry for over 30 years that can do a formal drawing.


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        Hi Cynthia,

        We are happy to support with the glycol loop design while introducing you to a:

        energy efficient,
        easy to install,

        pre-insulated piping system: COOL-FIT Plus.

        Feel free to send me your details to the email on my signature.


        Angela Sampaio
        Market Segment Manager Cooling – Food & Beverage
        Mobile : +1 949 343 3713
        Georg Fischer LLC
        10540 NW 26th St. #G-304
        Doral, FL 33172
        United States


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          We're a small, 7bbl, brewpub in central WI and willing to help you out, if we can. Also, we own a hop farm so are also familiar with that side of things too. And, nope, ain't going to try to sell you anything, so feel free to DM any questions. I will suggest getting Tom Hennessy's books though. And I don't even have an affiliate link...sheesh. He's just got a fourth one out now. I've studied with him, he knows how to get a place up and running, for sure. And, you'll find the answers to a LOT of your start up questions right there. And, of course, on this forum.

          As far as tank placement, depends on your hoses and pump, really. How far do you have to work with, how much room do you have to work with? We have a small cold room with 5 8.5bbl single wall bright tanks. Furthest one is some ways away from my furthest fermenter. Sometimes, have to get pretty creative to get the beer pumped into the bright, but it all works out, even if I have to piece four hoses and a long spindle together to make it happen. Also, the measurements on the bright tanks were a bit off, in that they did not include anything about just how far the manways actually stick out - bought them used off of here, and that really made an impact into floor placement in the cold room. Most of your design placement is really dictated by your space, and existing walls. In fact, I've rearranged the brew room a couple times and I'm still not completely satisfied with it yet.

          So, floor layout? Drain layout? Water/electrical service and layout? Floor materials? Basement/crawl space/slab? All info needed, including what size system/tank size you want to fit into that space. Do you already have tanks? Pump? Etc. To help at all, a lot more information is needed. Again, feel free to DM, and I'll help if I can.