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Outdoor Fermenter Installation-Pictures Wanted

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  • Outdoor Fermenter Installation-Pictures Wanted

    I’m getting scrutiny from our city environmental health inspector regarding two 7BBL conical fermenters that I have installed outside of our brewery. The tanks are insulated, jacketed and connected to our glycol system.

    His issue is that they are not covered or enclosed.

    I have written a lengthy letter explaining our tank cleaning/sanitation process, transfer process and the inherent food safety qualities of beer. Emphasis is on the fact that wort/beer is temperature controlled and isn’t exposed to the atmosphere or oxygen once it goes into a sanitized tank.

    I’m hoping to show pictures of outdoor tanks that exist in other breweries that are similarly installed-with no overhead covering or enclosure other than a security fence. I think this could be anonymous, but names and at least the state where the brewery is located would be helpful.

    Post or PM me a picture or other information if you can.


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    You can Google maps any large production brewery, for instance the

    Miller Brewery in Milwaukee, WI has at least 26 large fermenter outdoors... GPS: 43.04080660692883, -87.96254754603108

    Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY: GPS: 42.6267246762449, -74.94498055623005

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