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Brewery in one location / tap house in another?

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  • Brewery in one location / tap house in another?

    Hi, I'm in the planning stages of a smaller brewery (4-6 bbl). The brewery is going to be in a large shop on my property. I own a commercial building in a high traffic area that I want to use as my tap house. It can't be a brewpub because it is an historic building and there just isn't enough space. My idea is that beer would be transported chilled and uncarbonated from the brewery and pumped into brite tanks for carbonation at the taphouse. I know I will need kegs, but I like that this would minimize my time filling, moving and cleaning kegs. But, is there a legal difference between transporting a 1/2 bbl of beer in a keg to a taphouse (self distribution is legal in my state) and transporting 4 bbls in a tank? Could this fly w/ TTB? I'm assuming measurement would have to take place at the brewery.

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    You're not distributing the beer because you're moving it from one location you control to another location you control. You will need both locations appropriately licensed.
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