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3bbl system keg filling help?

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  • 3bbl system keg filling help?

    Just starting off on my 3 bbl system. Plan on kegging from a uni tank,, I need some help on this part of the process,, does anyone have a decent/cheap way of doing this? Seems like I pressurize the keg and fill w carbed beer and bleed the keg of co2 as it fills? Any more detailed explanations are appreciated! Thanks

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    Thats pretty much it. Cheapest option is using a sanke with a couple valve to control flow speed and avoid foaming. There are parts or complete sanke setups you can buy that control the fill speed on their own and stop filling once the keg is full by using a float.


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      Get yourself one of these:

      This is our exclusive auto-stop attachment. It fills a keg in 8-10 minutes and then shuts off the flow automatically. No more overflows. No more wasted time baby-sitting your kegs while filling. It needs to be connected to a keg coupler, such as our SKU # 2512 MicroMatic coupler. Our Beer Stop FOB can also be used with other international keg couplers besides Sankey D, such as G, U, A and S systems. This part # 5923 is only the attachment. If you also need a keg coupler with it you can order SKU # 5922 which comes complete with the MicroMatic coupler. You can even fill multiple kegs at the same time by hooking several up to a manifold. Our SKU # 3210 and # 3211 are examples of how this can be done. Spare parts are always available here at G.W. Kent. Over 20,000 of these great keg fillers are in use today on 5 continents. It pays for itself quickly from savings in labor and spilled beer.

      It's expensive (inappropriately expensive, but I can't find an alternative source.

      .....and a couple all stainless sanke connectors. Take them apart and remove the one way valves/balls in them.

      Get yourself a few of these for faster flow on the liquid side. has built a solid reputation for offering the best retrofit sight glass kits available to the homebrew market with a consistent high level of customer support both pre and post sale. We feel a great sense of pride reading through all the positive reviews of our products and service both on this site and homebrewer forums. Our goal is to bring new and unique products to homebrewers of all skill levels.

      Set up your filling adapter with a sanitary TC from your unitank "out" port.

      Get a water proof/resistant mail/shipping scale from ebay so you can ensure your filling appropriately.

      Keg away my friend, keg away......

      Jeremy Reed
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