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Wort aeration techniques?

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  • Wort aeration techniques?

    How do you guy aerate the wort prior to yeast pitch. Is oxygen through carb stone not a feasible method? Other equipment needed for this? Thanks

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    There are a number of good posts on the subject, and search is your friend, but here are a few quick pointers.

    Feed o2/air on the cold side of HX on HX side of knockout hose, carb stones have larger pores than aeration stones (they can be used but will provide less dissolution, usually .5 micron vs .2 micron).

    You can use o2 or compressed air (clean of course) but o2 can be overdone and harmful to yeast. Air can only provide about 8-10ppm max dissolution, fine for regular gravities below 16*P, but you may need more for higher gravities.

    Using a uni-tank stone in the ferm will not give you good (or even) dissolved o2 contents, so just set up as posted above.

    If you go o2, use a good pressure regulator and add a rotameter to adjust flow rates.

    DO content will vary based on a number of variables. You will not know how much you have without a DO meter. Adjust based on your results of flavor, yeast health, rate of activity, ect if you do not have access to one.


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      O2 via aeration stone out of heat exchanger....