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    How long does it usually take people to get back to you when you email about quotes. Just asking cause I've emailed a few places about getting quotes and no one has emailed back asking any questions, confirming they got the email or anything. Since I'm new at all this I have no idea what is normal as far as confirmation emails, time for the actual quote, or anything like that so any info is appreciated.


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    Depends on several factors. Who are you emailing, how are you emailing, where did you find the address, what's your email address. Who's your email host.

    It's quite easy to have your email get lost in neverending spam pile or immediately black listed.

    If you really want a quote, pick up the phone and start a discussion. They will initiate an email string that won't be ignored.


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      Someone should get back to you within a day or two of the email. They might not have the full quote right away, but they should at least have a few questions or tell you they're working on it.

      It's good to keep in mind that companies are trying their hardest to impress you right now, while that stack of cash is still up for grabs. Once you commit that service could go downhill since they've already got their money.

      I went with ABE in large part because they always got back to me right away and had answers to all my questions. They've been great after the sale too. I've recommended them to two other breweries who ended up making the purchase, and all of us are happy so fa

      Good luck!


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        Thanks John, I'll check that out when I get home (I'm on the train now)

        Jake, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I assumed they'd be quick since they know they are competing. Which is worrying because 5 places haven't even emailed back and it's been a week. Only one place emailed back and it was a Chinese company (I know, I'm very nervous about them but I figured I'd check and I couldn't find bad stories about them online. But I'd still rather go American. Ideally I'd go with my hometown, but no one that I've contacted around here has responded)

        I wonder if they don't care as much cause I only asked for 2 or 3 barrel setups and that's not lucrative comparatively.


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          I emailed a few places, all were using the forms on their websites that they ask you to fill out about a quote. My email is a Gmail. So I'd think it should be quick and not go to spam since it's the way they set up


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            I have recently contacted about 10 equipment manufacturers for a filter housing, and another separate 6 or so for pasteurizers, and about 3 for centrifuges. American, Italian, Chinese, Croatian, Indian and probably others too.

            About 10 total just never responded. 3-4 responded almost immediately (within one day to a week) and about 5 responded within two weeks. Of those who responded, about 3-4 gave me a direct quote on the very specific items I asked about. 4-5 needed clarification (despite model numbers and information originally provided) and 2 said they would get back to me but never did. I have had some contact me a month down the road, asking if I was still interested, but I usually decline due to how long it takes to hear back. Packaging quotes have produced similar results in the past as well.

            All this goes into how much I trust them to provide their product on time and on budget, plus the customer care I think I will receive. The quality is assessed before I contact them.

            Although I would agree a phone call gets you attention, I don't like to talk over the phone because I am busy and it is generally loud at work. I also prefer to have a written exchange to reference later, especially when it comes to costs and timelines.

            Another factor to consider is what industry things are going on at the time. If you contact someone during CBC, GABF, Drinktec, ect expect a delay and don't fault them for it.


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              "All this goes into how much I trust them to provide their product on time and on budget, plus the customer care I think I will receive. The quality is assessed before I contact them."

              Yes, this. It's frustrating to see how many places don't seem to care to get back to people. Customer service starts from the second you contact a company and waiting just to hear anything isn't a good sign. Even just an automated message saying that the email was received and that they are busy but will contact you soon would be nice. Because now I don't even know if some of the people didn't even get my requests.

              It's funny to because I hear so much bad about Chinese companies but, like I said before, I contacted one for a quote (I couldn't find bad stories about them online) and they got back to me within a day with a question and sent me a quote two days later. I'd rather buy local but the local companies don't seem to want to sell to me so..... hmmm.

              It's now 10:45 and I'm waiting for a phone call from a company that said they will call me at 10 today. I've been sitting at my desk for 45 minutes waiting. I lived overseas for the last 5-6 years and it is amazing how much better companies were over there about things like this. Schedules meant something and making customers wait an hour was unthinkable.


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                Reply to request for quote.

                I am not sure why businesses find it ok to make people wait, even a simple response saying we received your message; goes a long ways! I have an online based business and even my competitors help me by not responding to their emails or phone messages. Allowing me the opportunity to build a relationship by the simple fact; I email them back and call them back within a few minutes to the next business day.

                They might just be so busy that they don't need to respond. But I do know that does not last forever, no matter how busy you think you are.


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                  Send me an email with your quote request to and I'll get you back a quote today.


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                    email sent, thanks!


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                      Thanks for the super quick reply back to my request Jim!


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                        No worries mate.
                        Cheers, Tim


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                          Carolina Micro Brewing Technology

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                          I don't know how other equipment suppliers works, in Carolina Micro Brewing Technology, we get back to you within 12hours

                          Sales Manager
                          Carolina Micro Brewing
                          Carolina Micro Brewing Technology


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                            Late reply from me, but thank you also to Carolina for the quick reply as well!