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MicroBev keg washers !!!consumer advisory!!! Systech/Ace Metalworks

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  • MicroBev keg washers !!!consumer advisory!!! Systech/Ace Metalworks

    Hi All,

    Heads up...
    Systech has closed and left a good number of breweries without equipment, their deposits or with equipment that did not meet their purchase agreements. It looks like they’ve started a new company called Microbev that sells keg washers. I haven’t personally confirmed this, but use caution if you’re looking to purchase from Microbev! If that company IS run by Jason and Amanda Spurrell, I would strongly suggest shopping elsewhere - they have left numerous breweries in very bad situations. Jason and Amanda also run Final Gravity Homebrew supply.



    Ace metalworks

    Final Gravity homebrew supply
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    I can second this - working with Jason and Amanda was the biggest mistake I made in opening my brewery. They cut corners, did not fulfill the order as it was placed, and threatened a legal battle when I pushed back about all of the changes that they made without my consent. Don't let them continue doing this to the brewing industry.


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      Struggling to change the program

      I am in the same boat and bought a 3 head washer and I need to change the PLC program. Wondering if anyone out there has a copy of the PLC program they could send me? I can't read the current one off of the VELOCIO PLC.


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        *** Also burned by Systech ***

        We were also burned by Systech Stainless which is now selling keg washers as Microbev. Two articles have been released about the turmoil these owners have caused us small start-ups. Please beware if you are planning on ordering anything from Microbev or any future dealings with the couple that owns these companies.



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          Here's some very ugly details on Systech / Ace / Microbev


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            Similar story here...

            We are considering ourselves some of the "lucky" ones in that we got (most of) what we paid for after a lot of back and forth. Currently trying to deal with re-programing the keg washer we purchased from SysTech to better serve our needs. Fortunately it's mechanically sound so I'm hopeful that I can get it to work as we need it to.

            Also have an electric 3.5 bbl MLT and BK from SysTech, our control panel didn't come from them though as we sent it back when it was obvious it was junk and were able to get them to send us a replacement built by a reputable 3rd party.

            Terrible that this happened to so many people. I'll update if I can easily work with the programming for the keg washer.


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              Did anyone ever find a way to get these keg washers to work right?

              Mine did not come with a manual and is not cycling correctly.

              Any info would help.