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Welder in Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

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  • Welder in Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

    Howdy everybody! I'm in search of a welder in the Los Angeles/Orange county area. I know there are a ton of welders out there but would prefer any recommendations on one that is familiar with brewing equipment. So, we bought 3 tanks from China, 2 of them have leaks (just our luck haha). A buddy of mine knows a guy but he's really busy. One has a pin hole opening and glycol is leaking into the ferm (found out cuz I opened the ferm today and a bunch of glycol shot out the bottom). The other one, we think, has a leak in the thermo probe well cuz we found spots of glycol when the probe was taken out. I'm currently running some pressure tests on it. If anyone out there knows someone that could help it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.