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    The new Ekos upgrade is aweful! Anyone else upgrade yet and have the same experience? I'm so irritated and want to go back to the old version!

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    Ive worked with Ekos in a few facilities, and quite honestly, I'd rather do things manually, or use beersmith to supplement inventory tracking. Ekos is a good idea in theory, but its so easy for the numbers to veer off course. I found I spent more time trying to keep Ekos in check than it was worth to keep it working smoothly.


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      Beyond frustrated!

      Originally posted by soia1138 View Post
      The new Ekos upgrade is aweful! Anyone else upgrade yet and have the same experience? I'm so irritated and want to go back to the old version!
      I couldn't agree more. I have spent more time dealing with the so called upgrade then it's worth. I'm curious who decided their upgrade was a good idea. I told them in an email that i want to go back to the old version. We're actually considering switching to a different ERP if they don't get their shit together!


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        I thought maybe it was just us, but glad (not really) its a larger issue. our asset tracking basically got wiped out for anything pre-update and now we can't post invoices, put kegs through tap room, etc which is causing backup in closing out packaging, which backs up invoice posting and taproom even more. Weve spent more time in the past few weeks going back and forth with ekos with long lists of things to fix then we have brewing beer.


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          Been waiting to see a post like this, I sent them a whole novel of stuff they messed up. Like I want to know who did there Beta testing for them before they went live? Clearly not a brewer.

          Im finally getting used to it - but its such a waste of time now to do stuff in the production side of things.
          Jeff Macdonald
          Head Brewer - Herald Haus Brewing


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            Glad to hear we aren't alone. We upgraded last week and it has been a giant pain in the butt. Simple things we used to do like dragging and dropping batches from one tank to another doesn't work. Lot tracking takes forever to load and is a waste of time. If it doesn't get better soon, I'll be looking at different solutions. Anything out there in the same price range?


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              same issues

              We're in same boat... beyond frustrated with upgrade. Anyone switch to Orchestrated Beer (or other platform)?


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                ... and then theres the keg scanning ...


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                  OK, I've worked with this "upgrade" for a few months now and find it bloated and laborious beyond description. What used to take seconds to do now requires numerous screens and repeated cryptic error messages that don't help at all. Simple packaging has become a nightmare of convoluted error messages and problems. While I have no complaints about their support, I find it tedious to have to start a ticket just to get a simple answer. Error messages should explain how to correct the problem instead of saying "object undefined" and similar useless statements.

                  I run a brewpub and don't need 3/4 of the stuff Ekos does (and now does poorly) and I don't see why they don't offer a more streamlined program for brewpubs. Any suggestions for something a bit more user friendly and less bloated? I've about had my fill with the Ekos "upgrade."



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                    In case you're still looking for another option, BrewPlanner offers a range of features from basic production planning to a full MRP. It could be a good fit, especially if you don't need 3/4 of what Ekos does. You can see a basic demo of the two different versions here (two separate videos) and learn more at Let me know if you have any questions!

                    Lesley from BrewPlanner