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    We are in the exploratory phase of opening a production facility in the southeast, and I am looking at some options in north GA or south TN area. So I'm curious, what is people's experiences dealing with these respective state ABCs? Specifically I would like to know what licensing is like, how it is working with the state agencies. Cost appears to be similar. I do not need (or want) a taproom, so how the state handles these does not bother me.

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    If you are planning to open an regional brewery you have touch road ahead of you.


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      The current market landscape....

      Hey Fstmatt,

      To attempt a large production facility out of the gates is a bold move that can only be encouraged with a strong business plan and funding. Although you can produce the beer, you need to verify that you have the outlet for the beer. In states not allowing any self distribution you will be even more challenged with each brewery opening and less control of the sales through the distributor.

      The bulk of successful breweries recently are selling within their 4 walls and upon great success exploring more modest sized satellite sites. The neighborhood brewpub/taproom 1000 BBLs or less is where the growth is currently. In recent BA production numbers for 2018 71 percent of breweries are making 1000 BBLs or less so my advice is to make more money selling less beer on site versus distribution. Find the right location and you can do well. If you find this info helpful and have further questions let me know.


      Don Marcil
      Brewery Design Consultant
      Stout Tanks and Kettles LLC


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        Both are difficult but getting better.

        In TN, you will deal more with your local county or municipal beer board. While you do need to have a license from the state, and pay excise and possibly wholesale taxes if you self-distribute, most of the difficulty in finding a location and getting open will come from the local officials. Different areas have different local regulations on zoning, taproom hours, etc. You can self-distribute in TN in the county of manufacture, so if you are in a large metro area, that is an option.
        Linus Hall
        Yazoo Brewing
        Nashville, TN


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          Consider contract brewing

          There are a lot of brewery (all of them?) that have surplus capacity and would love to produce your beers for you.
          Todd G Hicks
          BeerDenizen Brewing Services