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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello, I am your avid homebrewer looking to create a career out of it. I came across this forum over the last month and have enjoyed the wealth of knowledge that it presents so thanks to everyone! This is my first post and I'd like to through out an interesting thought. I have been looking into several different ways to help me with the transition into brewing with the larger equipment and the business itself. Several options that I am doing or will be doing are accessing resources online, forums, and books. Looking to taking a brewing short course in the future. Any thoughts on the UC davis Introduction To Practical Brewing? My question for those that have been established for awhile would there be anyone willing to consult with me and bring me in on a brew day to spend the day and be able to get some valuable experience? I am from Alberta and I'm willing to travel. I have connected with a couple local brewers which I am finding the absolute best way to go although the business model was much different. I've tried lots of others but understandably the business doesn't ways allow them to have that extra time so I thought I would see if there was anybody with a similar business model that would entertain this idea? We are formulating our business plan now and the model that we chose was a 50-70 seat brew pub with full menu, 7bbl system selling mostly onsite, growlers, off sales on site, and maybe a few kegs in the local area. If anyone has done this or is willing to send me a message and we can discuss this further. Maybe I can earn that time as well if you needed an extra hand on a busy day.

    Other than that I look forward to future discussions and hope to contribute and help as well. Appreciate your time!