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Estimating Startup Costs

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  • Estimating Startup Costs

    Hi everyone!
    Long time lurker - very few posts.
    Looking to start out on my own at this point and am now faced with the seemingly daunting task of piecing it all together. I did search around for suggestions and found a bunch of good info. But I still have some concerns about estimating numbers.

    When putting figures together -
    Are there cost estimates I should prioritize over another?
    How did you estimate utilities (electricity, gas, water)? Further when putting together a per batch estimate were you able to estimate these utilities on a per batch basis?
    When determining potential cost / profit per batch for the volumes we're considering; are there resources available to determine average high / low costs of ingredients?
    Are federal / state taxes per bbl something that can be researched and applied to any figure calculations?
    Was there a way to estimate possible build out costs without actually getting estimates?
    (I know there are more cogs to this machine but these are the initial questions that have been keeping me preoccupied during my day job)

    Are there any folks out that that'd be willing to share some wisdom on their process and what they learned / would do differently the next time around when they were starting out? I'm trying to focus on start up cost estimates mainly for my investor at this point. I want to present a realistic picture of what to expect.
    I know this is a very broad / general question that doesn't have an easy answer. But what I'm hoping for is a nudge in the right direction.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,

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    Buy these books

    These will get you on your way.


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      Originally posted by I H8 UM View Post
      Hi Thanks for the response!
      So far I've actually got two of those three books. Just missing "The Affordable Brewery"

      The "3 Steps" book is great since it really narrows down the legal processes - where It falls short IMO is estimating other costs or assistance with putting together a forecasting model for things like batch pricing vs net / gross profit.
      I'm wondering if what I'm drying to do here is a priority? Have people done this?