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  • Concrete Weight Capacity

    So, I'm in the process of planning an expansion and one of the buildings I'm looking at has a concrete slab on grade. Is there any way to tell what the approximate weight capacity is of the slab given the depth of the concrete?

    I.E. Is there an easier way to answer "will it hold a 30 bbl. fermenter full of my precious barleywine without giving way?" without having to involve three weeks of engineering services?

    When do you start having to worry about the weight of your tanks, beyond normal operations in a normal warehouse type setting?

    I've only got 10 hl. fermenters right now...

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    Like anything it kind of depends. Most of the new concrete we poured was 4" thick 4000 psi concrete with 6" wire mesh. That was more than plenty for the 40 bbl tanks we use. But the old concrete we replaced was poorly poured and had no wire reinforcement, and I sure am glad we tore it up and replaced it.
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      Hi Dave.

      You might want to check the local building codes and with the city's building permit office. When my brewery was built I was required to get an equipment layout drawing and official engineering approval on the floor (even though the building was previously a drycleaners with MUCH heavier equipment). As you said, several weeks and several thousand dollars later I got my building permit.


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        There was a post on here a few years back where weight distribution and floor load capacities were discussed. Try doing a search for that thread. The only key words I can think of are "concrete floors" or "weight capacity." I copied it and stored in my files somewhere, so I'll try to dig it up and post it here. In the meantime, search the threads. I'm thinking it was 2006. There was a whole formula that I think Brian Sollenberger of Diamond Knot supplied. At any rate, I learned quite a bit from it and made a more informed decision about where I located the Barbarian.
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