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Fair Fees for a Brewery Consultant?

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  • Fair Fees for a Brewery Consultant?

    Might anyone have any ideas regarding what a fair fee or arrangement would be for a consultant working to get a group of non-brewers up and running with their own brewery? Either with or without continued involvement once the brewery us up and running? The consultant may be called upon for help with marketing as well as technical advice.


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    What kind of advice are you looking for? PM me I might be able to help


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      I specialize in Beer and Beverage packaging if you need help in that area.

      Cliff Panneton
      Panneton Consulting


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        Think about the value of the consultant's contribution (obviously). Is that advice/activity worth more than your plumber? Your architect? Your electrician? Feel free to PM me. I'm not available at the moment for the forseeable future but would be happy to discuss. Have spent about twenty years in brewery consulting.


        Liam McKenna


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          Consulting fee.

          Hi there what types have fees have you found. I live in Canada and am interested in starting up a micro brewery here (projected size = 30BBL) and need some help. What is the going range of hourly/daily rates you have been seeing?


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            Build out fees Vs. Consulting fees

            What kind of project, and State/City are you in?
            There are are multiple levels of Consulting to address.
            1: Equipment Suppliers fee for installation, excluding tenant improvements.
            2: Brewery Consultant, not affiliated with the Equipment manufacturer.
            3: Brewery Consultant working with Local Contractor.

            1:Fees are highest working with Manufacturer. around 125.00/hr USD plus lodging.
            2:Brewery consultant with tenant improvement equipment, $85.00/hr.
            3:Brewery Consultant directing local contractors, $36.00 - 45.00/hr plus lodging.

            Some States mandate that all construction be done by a licensed local contractor for the various parts of the brewery. Electrical, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Etc.
            If you are in the States of California and Nevada, you can hire a consultant to do all your brewery build outs under a licensed contractor. If this is the case and the consultant can work a jackhammer, front loader, concrete forming, plumbing and wire a brewery so it is operational and to city, county codes, this is the best choice.

            Good luck in your search.

            Rebel Malting Co.
            Reno, Nevada USA


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              I provide expert marketing, sales and distribution guidance. Will help you with a kickass name for the brewery with cohesive branding. Can provide general direction for equipment. Can help you identify a qualified brewer. Possible specific distributor knowledge and even connections depending where you are in the country. I'm cheap and i have time over the next few months. I also had a top 3 craft brand.


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                Chicken or the egg

                If I've done some brewing for others, do you think it makes more sense to try to doing consulting first to see what's out there or try to jump into my own operation. I guess my ultimate goal is to own a brewery but I don't want to prematurely start off half cocked without having enough experience.