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    While writing my business plan for a brewery I have had a difficult time finding the "starting point", "square one"; from which everything else can be determined. Most importantly, how much it's going to cost to brew a barrel of beer, what will be left to pay myself and anyone else needed to keep the brewery operating, and finally profit. I want this brewery in Birmingham, and I want the first phase to be on-premise sales only. From those two points I am thinking that property is the starting point. I want the property to be large enough to grow into (a five bbl system perhaps), but not so big that my sales could not cover the rent/mortage (among all the other expenses). To anyone out there, is what I have articulated here valid? What am I missing here that ought to be a factor?

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    I'm in Huntsville. By "on premise", do you mean your own on premise which is called a tap room, or do you mean "on premise" which is referred to bars and restaurants?


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      I meant beer sold in the tap room.


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        I mean, what are you really asking? I will sell you the plan for $2000. It will have all of your numbers, costs, personnel, financials.. And it's all easily adjustable for your specifics.


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          Hello, I gave it a little thought to What Your Asking !!

          Hello, I gave it a little thought to What Your Asking !!

          There all really good question, that ever businessperson should be asking them self, and figure out, for them self, it something that your going to use over and over again..

          I personally feel it best for you to research, read, figure, it out for your self, there plenty of great books out there, on starting up a business, start up costs, and using a Excel spread sheet!!!!

          It might seam hard a first, but you'll learn, and figure it out for your self, and that is what you really need to do, know your true costs, cost of goods (COG).. Everything starts and builds on that!!!!

          Also Junior Collages (JC) have great classes on just that, most even have nite classes.. Check it out...

          I use Excel spread sheets for COG, all the time, in everything , 40 th year in business.

          Good lucky.

          Gregg Culhane