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calling all sustainable breweries

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  • calling all sustainable breweries

    Any info,input,or expierience on this topic is needed.We are looking to tap into all of these resources,because this is what we believe in

    Ken Landin
    Crossroads Brewing Company,Inc
    21 Second Street
    Athens,NY 12015

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    Define "sustainable"

    This is one of those new buzzwords like "eco" and "green" that are all the rage but lack clear definition.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      Look at the ZERI website to start off with its over 10 years old


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        Better Definition

        I think a better definition of the term "Sustainable" is need for your question to be answered. Each region has it's own quasi-definition. And just because somone says they are "Green" or "Eco-friendly" doesn't mean they actually are. I know here in the Pacfic Northwest these are huge buzzwords.
        Busted knuckles Brewing Co.


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          It's all very well to use a buzzword.

          We like to think we're green...we recycle or reuse 94% of our waste by weight, we have a grid-tie solar photovoltaic system, we use our glycol chiller to run our product walk-in cooler as well as our tanks, we have a solar tube hot water array to make HL, we recapture our kettle heat and use it to heat our HL, we compost, catch rainwater, plant our own herbs onsite...

          We were awarded a LEED Gold certification this year, and to my knowledge we are the only production brewery with that...though I hope that we see more soon. So many facilities are constructed to LEED compliance but fail to go through the onerous certification process.

          There are lots of other things to do as well...I'm looking into using an artifical marsh to treat our wastewater, plumbing our rain catch system into the toilets...we also have a program that is moving staff members to housing that doesn't require individual cars for transportation.

          I think purchase policy can help, too. I try to deal with local vendors, so that our raw materials aren't being trucked cross-country when they can be acquired in-state, even if they cost a bit more.

          I think most breweries are relatively green, and most of the brewers I know in the craft industry are involved with local food. Craft and artisan products are sustainable by temperament...there's no reason to formalize it, unless you want to.



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            Green brewing

            Natrat, I'd like to see some of your stuff on how you are doing all of this. My plan is to have my brewery "Green" within 2 years. I already deal with in state suppliers as I think they actually give me a better deal, and I like supporting my community. Although I don't compost my grains I give them to the local farmers for livestock feed, Hops are composted how ever. Maybe someone should start a an eco-brewing how to.
            Busted knuckles Brewing Co.


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              Brewers Association Sustainability-Tools

              This is a link to the Brewers Associations Sustainability Manual. I've had a chance to check it out but not read it. Full of a lot of easy stuff to help "green" yourself. It's a great place to start.

              One of the biggest points about trying to be 'green' or 'sustainable' is changing your work-place culture. Getting your whole staff on board with the simple stuff, recycling, composting, turning the lights off when not in use, can really make a big difference. And once its in place, its easy to grow on.


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                Battery Power for microbreweries

                Elon Musks Tesla battery power storage pack is going to be a game changer. That way you can utilise solar etc and store it in a battery for use later. That will be great for small breweries and microbreweries to become more sustainable using solar which can be used when needed.
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