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  • Beer Smith Users - Recommendations

    Hello Probrewers,

    Need help with basic calculations; grain bill, target IBU, etc.

    Not fond of computers, seeking recommendations of simplest version of Beer Smith available on market today.

    Simple, basic, no need for bells and whistles. Simple = Better!!

    Thanks all, have a great day...

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    Beer Smith?

    Beer Smith Users?


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      are you asking who uses the program "BeerSmith?" or are you asking for different programs like that one to use for a production brewery? BeerSmith would be fine for general recipes and calculations on smaller scale breweries no problem.
      JoBoy's Brewpub


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        Beer Smith

        Actually, I'm asking which version of Beer Smith do users find to be the simplest and the easiest to use, yet still accurate for basic calculations, such as;

        1-Grain bill's - water to malt ratio's to hit certain predetermined targets - degree plato, color.

        2- Hop calculations used to hit predetermined IBU values. It always gets me when I create a beer I'm happy with and the next batch of hops I receive have a different level of Alfa Acids.

        Basically asking which version of Beer Smith is most popular, the best bang for your buck. I don't really want all the bells and whistles, just the basic raw goods.

        also, if there is other software similar to Beer Smith people are aware of, I'd sure like to hear of them. I know of Pro Mash, but it appears to be obsolete.

        Thanks for your reply


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          Beer Smith

          To be clear,

          Wondering which version of Beer Smith users are most happy with in terms of ease, simplicity, and accuracy.

          I believe there are 3 different versions; 1-2 & 3.

          Any feed back would be appreciated.



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            Generally speaking, if you are going to use software, use the latest version. It has been updated and corrected and may offer better features. I have not used BeerSmith 1 but have used 2 and just moved to 3.

            If you want support and features use the latest. It's not unreasonably priced like some other software.


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              Beer Smith

              Thanks for the reply, mswebb, much appreciated.

              Do you find version 3 clear, accurate, and easy to use? Do you use it to assist in running a production brewery? Do you find it a creditable way to help maintain a consistent product when properties of raw goods change, such as alpa acid content between different shipments of hops received?. Do you find the tutorials useful and easy to put into practice?

              Enjoy your weekend!


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                Hi ToBrew,

                We've been using BeerSmith for 5+ years now and recently upgraded to the commercial option for version 3.0. For most small brewers it is plenty adequate for recipe development and storage. The options for V3.0 you see available are all identical, there is no "easier to use version." What sets them apart is the subscription service and commercial licensing. Beersmith is Beersmith, your experience in navigating the software, the menus, its capabilities, etc will be the same regardless of which license option you choose.

                If you are going to rely upon it for a commercial brewery I'd highly suggest going with the latest version (vs downloading a previous version) as it is fully supported and able to receive current updates as they are released. Plus, if you have a question about the program it is much more likely that their support team will field your questions if you are using the latest version.

                Version 3.0 is the same program as previous versions, basically, with a few tweaks on the water profile side, updated ingredient lists, and better cloud support. The cloud support is attractive for us as we have a couple brewers collaborating on recipes, keeping ingredient specs up to date, etc and this helps us ensure we are all working in the same version of the recipe. But ultimately, it's not going to do much for making your beer more consistent - that comes down to processes on the factory floor. You still have to update your alpha's, malt SRMs, and dial in the program based upon what you are seeing with the ingredients you see coming into your brewery and their performance on the brewhouse side. This requires a feedback loop (getting your beers analyzed or in-house analysis) so you can make the program work for you and really rely upon its calculations. It does have an inventory management feature, which BS has had for awhile, but if you want to get serious on that side of the business it is highly suggested to invest in a dedicated whole-brewery software such as Ekos, BeerRun, Orchestrated Beer, etc.

                For the price though, its a great place to start until you identify where it doesn't meet your needs.

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                  Beer Smith


                  Thank-you for your reply. Looks like I'll pull the trigger on V3 in early July.

                  Mind if I PM you if I need advice on dialing this thing in?

                  Thanks again, appreciate it.



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                    Beer Smith


                    Thanks, BemidjiBrewing


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                      No sweat - feel free to reach out and I'll do my best to offer advice.