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  • Feedback/advice on choosing a supplier

    Hello everyone,

    I've learned a lot by reading through many past threads and am grateful and appreciative of all the help and advice that many of you have offered in this forum, though much of it was in response to other people's posts, I have found the information very useful and relevant to my project as well. I will be opening a new brewpub shortly and whether you know it or not, many of you have helped in this immense task. Thanks.

    I'm about to purchase a new 5 bbl brewhouse, complete, steam jacketed, turnkey, with fermenters, serving tanks, grain handling, etc., for a new brewpub start-up.

    I have quotes from Specific Mechanical, DME, Newlands, ABT, and am waiting on a quote from Premier Stainless.

    All of the quotes are coming in relatively close to one another on price. So now my dilemma is choosing which supplier to go with. They all seem pretty similar on paper. So my question to the forum is: If you have experience with any of the folks listed above, or have used their equipment, would you be willing to share those experiences with me? I know its pretty generalized, but...

    ...I am seeking feedback, positive or negative, from people who have used any equipment from the suppliers listed above, from people who have purchased small complete turnkey brewpub systems from any of the suppliers above, or from people who have recently dealt with the suppliers for any relevant issues (installations, service, tank replacement, etc.).

    Also, and I'm sure this doesn't need to be stated, but any other relevant advice you'd like to share with a newcomer is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time and I hope to return the favor in the coming years to fellow brewers and newbies to this field.

    Feel free to post comments here or send them to my email address at:

    Thanks again!

    Damien Malfara
    Old Forge Brewing Company
    Danville, PA