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  • too many subjects

    I just want to say I think this would be a more lively place if there weren't so many subjects. How about 4 or 5 rather than twenty? It takes forever to click through them all, and many posts are never read because of it, and so not replied too . I think this forum is underestimating the broad interests of its audience, as we microbreweries have to know a little bit about everything brewery related. Many a newsgroup has thrived by not having any subjects at all.

    Just a thought

    Aaron Taubman
    Millstream brewing co

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    Admin Reply


    Thank you for your post. The staff at has discussed in detail your comments and given it a lot of thought. We have reduced the number of topics by a few and hope that this makes the Discussion Board easier to use.

    The sole purpose of the Discussion Board is to offer a forum that will benefit the industry as a whole, by providing a place where industry members can freely and easily exchange ideas and information. Our intent is to make it as easy as possible to use. We are open to all ideas, and encourage users to provide us with contructive and useful suggestions to help us achieve that goal. We welcome your comments either here in the Forum Feedback, or you can email us directly at

    Thanks again for your comment and we look forward to hearing more.



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      One facility I would find really useful is to be able to select a topic and "delete" it from my viw list, and to select others and "Keep as new". This would give me the option for example of discarding all the "equipment for sale" items but then to consider other items later. This would be particularly useful for example when on holiday or away on business, when quite frankly there are more important things to do, or on return from holiday to help clear up the mess.



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        Thanks for your comments.

        There is a link to be able to see all new posts since your last visit. You can also mark a forum as 'read' so that it doesn't show up in your search of new posts since your last visit.

        I think this should help at least partially in what you are looking for.



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          site changes....for the worse?

          I dont know about most people on here, but I have noticed several changes to the site (layout, functionality, cosmetics) and I am having all sorts of problems. Specifically, the "see all new posts since your last visit" link does not work as it used to. I usualy would click on it and be take to a page with 10-20 links to threads that had started up since my last visit. Now I am taken to a search page instead.

          I was also having trouble logging in from the Top-Left login section of the main page. I tried it 5-6 times but kept having to re-login. Finally, I logged in from another screen and that seemed to work.

          Anyone else noticing these things?


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            I think the amount of topics is just fine!

            How else are you going to cover the diverse questions of this community?

            The new forum is ok. I preferred the old listing of "new topics since last visit" although the present "New Posts" page seems to work ok.

            Anything new takes some adjustment. This may work out better.



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              I've used this format at another site and it's great once it gets dialed in, and very easy to navigate.
              The "new posts" feature may be able to be added.Expect a few quirks while it get tuned in.
              It also seems to work better for huge expanding this one perhaps(?).



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                It's Getting Dialed In

                Thanks Mr. Hops (and everyone else). You are right – it takes some dialing in. But we are getting there quickly.

                We have been working diligently since turning the switch on for the upgraded Forum. Most of the details have been worked out. We hope to add the “most recent posts’ button soon.

                It’s always hard getting used to a new look and design. But this upgraded version will offer more features and ultimately be easier to use. The site is growing – and will continue to grow. We are continually to have new users register at the site and the number of posts is increasing steadily., A new Hops Forum has just been added, and more content is on the way. We will also be adding a very cool News from the Industry section soon.

                Thanks to all for supporting ProBrewer, and as always, we welcome your input, ideas and suggestions; either here in the Forum or send directly to