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  • Hop Trading Forum?

    Since many brewers (myself included) are going to be struggling to get the hops they need for the foreseeable future, and since some will start substituting, only to later acquire the hop they really want, I predict there will be a great deal of internet hop trading over 2008 and perhaps longer. We're already seeing lots of "I need hops" posts on this forum in various places.

    How about creating a forum specifically for buying/selling/trading hops, with a standardized protocol for the thread names, such as:

    HAVE: Cascade: 50#
    NEED: Chinook: 250#
    TRADE: German Noble for American C's, 200-300 kg

    This would make it quick and easy for hop buyers and sellers to see what is available with one glance at the forum. Details such as hop specs, contact info, price, etc. can be in the posts themselves.

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    Hop Forum

    Great Idea!

    Did you contact Administrator?
    Kai Adams
    Sebago Brewing Company


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      Figured they would read this. I'll send a PM.