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  • Keep the Classifieds Current

    As a new start-up, I must say I love this place!

    I am a little frustrated with the busy folks that post things on the classifieds. It would be so helpful if everyone would lock out sold threads..or even get back to us purchasers that spend our time tracking you down.

    I have had so many unanswered requests that I am startled! I have purchased from almost every product I have inquired about, and would purchase even more if some PM's would get answered...

    Anyways, maybe each thread in the classifieds should die after 30 days unless the thread starter renews it?

    Great place Admin...keep up the great work.


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    Very good comment. We'll work harder at keep the Classfieds current. The ads "expire" after 90 days - which is supposed to be self-regulated, but few people do it - which means we have to.


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      Well the negative effects to this idea is the constant bumping of these classified threads which then significantly pollutes tapatalk feeds.


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        I would love to see classified for jobs be required to be current/active as well. I know some positions are open until filled, but a limited post time of 90 days or so before being deleted unless a required bump or reply would really help job seekers. It would be nice if the system required posters to set a closeout date of six months or less to automatically police lazy posters. Take for instance a fairly recent posting in brewers where a poster had a specific closeout date, AND replied to say it was indeed closed, but didn't delete it. I would hope a company would have the sense and responsibility to delete their job postings once filled -- especially if they acknowledge their position has been filled or they aren't accepting applications anymore -- but we clearly know better than to expect this.