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    What about possibility of a dedicated contract brewing sub-forum. I for one am thankful for this site being the biggest resource available to me, but I also understand that a lot of people who inquire here about contract brewing aren't too serious about following through. I just think it would nice to have a dedicated area to contract brewing and possibly even with a "Services Needed" section in there. I think would serve a dual purpose of compiling information in one area as well as keeping the actual "Services Needed" section available for other aspects of brewing and production. Just a thought.

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    Thanks for the comment. We'll give it some thought and post a reply here.



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      Cool, Thanks. I can say that this site is unique in the sense that no one else really has what you offer, adding this would just further this in the sense that NO ONE has information regarding contract brewing especially in a forum and in one place. While the margins suck and CB has a pretty bad rep, it is still a way for someone without hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in capital to bring their brand to the market, test sustainability and even build their brand before raising capital for a brick and mortar brewery. Hell some of the largest Micros have started out contracting. It would also be a benefit to contract brewers themselves thinking about maximizing efficiency in their existing breweries. I think having this information together would be a big help to both parties. I for one would be pretty active in this aspect of the forum and it would be a great help to not only myself but the many people that I have been talking to via PM's. I have read literally every thread to date on contract brewing, I almost wish there was more.
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