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  • Briess Malting Response

    Via email:

    To Our Valued Customer,

    We hope that you are safe and well. This is of course a very trying time for our communities, our country, and our world. At Briess, we take our commitment to our communities very seriously and remain aware of COVID-19’s potential impact on the most vulnerable. We are closely monitoring employee health, impacted regions, and other areas of risk, and will take appropriate actions to provide support to the extent we are able.

    As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to develop, we want to reassure you that your business remains a priority for us. We want you to know that we are doing everything necessary to continue proactive sanitation practices at our facilities and follow all safety protocols, as we always do, so that we can ensure the safety of your staff, the safety of our staff, the quality of our product, and uninterrupted business continuation.

    In order to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, we have taken and are taking the following actions:

    · We have suspended all customer and vendor meetings at Briess facilities until further notice.
    · We have issued guidelines for COVID-19 preparedness to all Briess employees. We will update these guidelines regularly based on federal and state government guidance.
    · We have suspended all Briess employee travel through mid-April, at which date we will reevaluate the situation. We may make “business critical” allowances, as determined on a case-by-case basis only by the most senior company leadership.
    · Briess facilities operate at the highest standards of quality and safety. Our facilities follow the standards of GFSI, have HAACP policies in place, and strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). We are elevating our practices even further by adding more hand sanitizing stations, reducing traffic at all facilities, and communicating with employees. We will continue to evaluate our responses and communicate accordingly.

    Briess is well-positioned to continue supplying our customers:

    · The vast majority of our raw materials are sourced from North America, and overwhelmingly from the USA. This reduces international transportation complications.

    · All Briess products are Made in the USA to ensure the highest level of ingredient safety and quality.

    · We are taking extra care at all our facility entry points to ensure the health and safety of your products and all team members at your company and ours.

    · Our plants are operating at normal levels, and we have business continuity plans in place to ensure continued operation so that there is no supply disruption.

    · We have redundancy in many areas across our operations, which helps us manage risk for our customers and our business.

    We are committed to doing everything we can to support your business during this challenging time. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence as we all work together for a healthy and safe environment.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 800.657.0806 or 920.849.7711.

    Thank you and be safe,

    Craig Briess

    Ryan O'Toole
    President and COO