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Crowler Seamer Can Adapters / 3D Printed

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  • Crowler Seamer Can Adapters / 3D Printed

    We, like so many others, have had to move to using 25.4oz Crowler cans when we could not get 32oz cans. So out of necessity I started 3D printing adapters for our "classic" Crowler Nation machine to allow us to easily move between can sizes.

    If any of you would like to print your own, you can find the STL files on Thingiverse here:

    There's a version for the Dixie Canner machine, tested on another local brewery's system, and two versions for the Crowler Nation machine, the D203 and the D203C. Check your machine's base on the underside to see what version you have.

    Enjoy, I hope this helps someone out there. We've run a few thousand through on the D203 design, and so far it's worked perfectly for us.