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No Draft Sales/Bottle Line?

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  • No Draft Sales/Bottle Line?

    I know I am not alone so for all the breweries that rely on Keg sales/ in house and off premise sales, are you looking at packaging to get into the store shelves. Just to get the name out? Curbside pick up is a waste of time. Do you prefer Can's Vs. Bottle? What are your old regulars purchasing.


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    Hi Lance, I understand where your coming from and the frustrations with keg sales as we see more lockdowns and our favorite restaurants unable to serve. Many of our clients have moved to our high volume Canning Lines to increase production and to keep convenient the purchase of their beers. In my opinion cans can be easier to load and fill and for labor reasons keeps the load lighter. Not to mention the ease and convenience of cans for your client's therefore securing and increasing your margins which is the best of the bottom line. If you have any questions with regards to our equipment please reach out at any time and I would be happy to help. Wishing you lots of success in the future!
    Sheila Christian- Canadian Craft Solutions Inc