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    Pardon if it's in the wrong spot, but I had to tell everyone my experience with them.

    I worked with frank in the past (with good results), as of recent I've seen and heard about Franks neglect and attention to details. As a matter of fact we just took delivery of 3 15bbl Uni-Tanks. As he claims to be a custom manufacture, we were very specific about what we wanted, we paid extra for the work. 4 months go by, he suggest if we change the plans to double blow-offs, and longer drain pipes, all at 2inch for free. I nicely declined. If anyone wants to see the full email thread, id be happy to FW to see how he's dealing with these issues, not to mentioned he'll not reply until you email him 100 times.. He's blaming me for any changes, but he suggested them and I declined. STAY AWAY! Anyone need more details, I'd be happy to share. email me tommy at ravennabrewing. the below is just a sample of the mess. I guess I
    m stuck.

    Aug 10th -Hi Tommy:

    Sorry, I don't know what went wrong. I still don't understand the

    I talked with the factory, they said that they followed the drawing.

    Please consider making any adjustments and modifications.


    Frank Ma

    Heres my reply

    Here are the issues

    "We can make the same design as last order (see attached drawing).
    The Drawing is what I wanted, see your email. Like you said, as my last order is perfect. thanks

    Or we can make some improvement at no extra charge: 1. larger hop port
    increase from 4" to 6".I Said no to this, see email, i said I'd like the same tanks as before due to space confinement.
    2. Second blow-off arm, the last tank has only one arm (CIP arm)
    Also said no to this, due to space confinement, see my email
    3. Longer drain pipe for easy reach. Some brewers prefer short L drain
    pipe for strict sanitary reason, the drain pipe isn't refrigerated.
    Also said no to this, due to space confinement, see my email

    Please let me know what you think."

    This is what I said

    Thanks franks. We'd like the same design as last time. Just one modification. We don’t want any 2inch welds on the face of the tanks. All 1.5 inch please. The top 2inch for the blowOff is fine. But we’ll stick to 4inch hop port” as all our gaskets and claps are that size. Thank you. I like small drain pipes. No modifications please

    That's the issue frank, these tanks require more space on both sides, are taller, and require 2'' reducers. Means we need to change out the hose everytime we want to clean the tanks. All these are big issues. Space is a premium. I specifically said the same as last tanks, and that wasn't met. I hope you dont think im being unreasonable, but I just wanted what I paid for. How can we make this right?

    I have 20 emails going back and forth saying he's not gonna do anything. So bummed this is happening. I hate that I have to write this.
    Stay away! He does not reply to my emails, suggested I do all the modifications myself, doesn't want to speak to me, Has gone dark for 3 months now not one peep!

    His last email was this
    The factory told me that they made the tank according to the drawing.
    And they will not responsibly for any late changes.

    These were changes he suggested and I said no to!!!